Customer Story


See how APA streamlined risk management and supplier selection according to their Modern Slavery Response Plan


With Australia and the world focused on decarbonising energy supply systems, we knew our modern slavery risk would continue to change as APA and the energy market transitions to renewable energy.

We engaged Fair Supply to increase our capability to assess and address modern slavery risks during this transition process as part of our commitment to deliver responsible energy.


In December 2022, our Modern Slavery Team commenced working with Fair Supply to provide a once-off modern slavery risk assessment on key suppliers. This was followed by a Supplier Assessment Questionnaire (SAQs) project to gather more information from a sub-set of suppliers on their modern slavery risk management approach and the maturity of their response. Fair Supply assisted in streamlining our risk management approach, notably strengthening processes and controls, supplier selection and onboarding, and our Modern Slavery Response Plan.

We have subsequently contracted Fair Supply to run supply chain assessments for our entire supplier base for Modern Slavery, Scope 3 emissions and Biodiversity, along with SAQs and deep dives for high-risk suppliers.


Partnership with Fair Supply has transformed our capability to assess and address modern slavery risks.

"As a result of our partnership with Fair Supply we have streamlined our Modern Slavery risk assessment process. We now have visibility over key risk areas along our supply chain and the know-how to confidently engage with suppliers. These are critical capabilities as the energy market transitions to renewable energy."
Rhonda Tompson
Modern Slavery & Procurement ESG Lead