Customer Story

Ramsay Health Care

See how Ramsay Health Care embedded transparency and traceability of modern slavery risks to identify and manage potential risks.


Ramsay Health Care’s core purpose of ‘people caring for people’ extends beyond our patients to our global communities and entire supply chain. In 2018, the introduction of Australia's Modern Slavery Act prompted us to take a closer look at Ramsay’s sourcing practices. We had operational systems in place for assessing existing suppliers, but the Act's mandated level of transparency and traceability required a new level of detail. The challenge was to see beyond the first company in line.


Fair Supply: enhanced visibility. Ramsay’s search for a solution led us to Fair Supply, a platform providing enhanced visibility into modern slavery risks across the supply chain, extending far beyond Tier 1 suppliers. The platform was easily implemented, and onboarding was smooth. The system is intuitive and user- friendly. Fair Supply met Ramsay’s significant ICT requirements and the platform's existing integration with Refinitiv, a leading financial data provider, gave us confidence in the data's quality and international applicability.


Improved compliance and confidence.

Partnership with Fair Supply has transformed our capability to assess and address modern slavery risks. Today, Fair Supply's risk assessment platform is seamlessly integrated within Ramsay’s responsible sourcing process. It screens the majority of our expenditure and helps us pick the right ethical suppliers from the start. The benefits extend beyond domestic compliance; our offices globally use FairSupply for risk assessment. Fair Supply has proven valuable in meeting the Norwegian Supply Chain Transparency Act and we anticipate leveraging its capabilities for upcoming EU regulations (EU CSDDD). Partnering with Fair Supply has been beneficial for our business and our people. Transparency and traceability of modern slavery risks are now embedded within our supply chain management. Ramsay is better empowered to identify and manage potential risks.

"Transparency and traceability are key to any good sustainability strategy, and Fair Supply helps us build that into our sourcing from the ground up. By partnering with Fair Supply, Ramsay Health Care is demonstrating its long-term commitment to ethical sourcing and a sustainable future."
Michael Haynes
Global Responsible Sourcing Manager