Integrate ESG risk management into your procurement process


Fair Supply’s solution streamlines ESG risk assessment and mitigation, empowering your organisation to achieve compliance and integrate sustainability across your procurement team.

Supplier screening

Assess the modern slavery, GHG emission and nature related risks for potential suppliers prior to contracting. Screen existing suppliers prior to contract renewal.

Easy use/integration

Fair Supply’s platform enables integration into existing procurement and risk management processes and software.

Risk mitigation

Utilise risk assessment results to undertake further due diligence and supplier engagement.

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With fair supply you can

Identify and address modern slavery risks

Fair Supply’s platform identifies address modern slavery risks in your supply chain by swiftly screening suppliers and providing appropriate risk mitigation and supplier engagement strategies.

Our proprietary Integrated Assessment Engine is the global market-leading solution for modern slavery risk assessment. It maps supply chains up to Tier 10.

Mitigate GHG emissions, including Scope 3

The Fair Supply platform enables you to measure the GHG emissions associated with each of your organisation's suppliers.

Calculate your organisation's and supplier's GHG emissions using basic business data and immediately identify and compare to industry benchmarks. Receive and implement carbon reduction strategies and collaborate with suppliers and partners through our integrated reporting system.

Our proprietary carbon accounting methodology enables you to measure (and report on) your direct operational emissions (Scope 1) and indirect emissions (Scope 2 & 3) that exist both upstream and downstream within applicable supply and revenue / value chains.

Identify biodiversity risk in your supply chain

Our Integrated Assessment Engine quantifies extinction risk within supply chains to identify the locations and species most impacted by each industry. We can identify the species most at risk from on-the-ground operations and suggest potential interventions to mitigate the threats acting on those species.

With Fair Supply, all your ESG reports and data are in one place, stored in the cloud and available whenever you need them.

“This platform is the right step forward for all organisations in the manufacturing and buying sector. This level of transparency from the beginning of procurement would save company's a lot of time and money.”
Tina Elias
Co-founder, Upparel


What do I need to provide to complete an assessment?

In addition to spend amounts, we require the names of your suppliers, their locations (country only), their ABN, the primary industry in which they operate and your classification.

How can I integrate Fair Supply’s data with our existing procurement, investment and supply chain management systems for data collection and analysis?

Fair Supply’s API ensures effortless integration of Fair Supply’s data in your existing procurement and supply chain management systems.

Streamline your ESG compliance and reporting today.

ESG compliance and reporting tool for Procurement Managers