Assess ESG risks posed by existing and future investments

Gain a greater insight into the ESG risks posed by your existing and potential investments

Fair Supply’s all-in-one solution streamlines ESG risk assessment, empowering your team to integrate sustainability into investment processes.

Reporting and screening

Report to stakeholders on portfolio risk and proactively assess potential individual investments.

Quality data

Access quality data for listed and private equities, debt finance and sovereign bonds.

Due diligence

Automated ESG due diligence that seamlessly integrates into your investment process.

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With fair supply you can

Assess modern slavery risk

Fair Supply’s platform identifies modern slavery risk both at an investment or portfolio level.

Assess listed and unlisted investments in your organisation's portfolios using only GICS or ISIN codes with our automated classification and footprinting. Benchmark by both industry and index. Comply with evolving ESG disclosure regulations.

Our proprietary Integrated Assessment Engine is the global market-leading solution for modern slavery risk assessment. It maps entire supply chains and investment portfolios.

Map, measure and mitigate GHG emissions,
including Scope 3

The Fair Supply platform enables you to measure the carbon footprint at both an individual investment and portfolio level. Our methodology is globally recognised and compliant with emerging environmental regulatory frameworks with Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) capabilities.

Our proprietary carbon accounting methodology enables you to measure (and report on) your direct operational emissions (Scope 1) and indirect emissions (Scope 2 & 3) that exist both upstream and downstream within applicable supply and revenue / value chains.

Identify biodiversity risk

Our Integrated Assessment Engine quantifies extinction risk within supply chains to identify the locations and species most impacted by each industry. We can identify the species most at risk from on-the-ground operations and suggest potential interventions to mitigate the threats acting on those species.

"ESG is paramount, and modern slavery risk is a top concern. Fair Supply has been an invaluable partner for QIC, offering deep insight into our investment portfolios. Fair Supply's expertise has been instrumental in enhancing our risk mitigation, monitoring, and reporting capabilities."
Private equity team
QIC-managed Business Investment Fund


What do I need to provide to complete an assessment?

In addition to spend amounts, we require the names of your suppliers, their locations (country only), their ABN, the primary industry in which they operate and your classification.

How can I integrate Fair Supply’s data with our existing procurement, investment and supply chain management systems for data collection and analysis?

Fair Supply’s API ensures effortless integration of Fair Supply’s data in your existing procurement and supply chain management systems.

Streamline your ESG compliance and reporting today.

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