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Lorna Jane

See how Lorna Jane use Fair Supply to address their social compliance needs


As a leading activewear brand in the garment sector producing offshore we were facing rapidly increasing challenges in our global supply chains. Seeking transparency, we wanted to assess our supplier base for any modern slavery risks to empower us to take positive action.

Our previous methods of compliance monitoring were time-consuming. We were looking for a streamlined solution that could provide real-time data insights and help us proactively address potential compliance issues. It was essential for us to find a compliance partner agency that could offer a methodology to evaluate our efforts in addressing the exposure to modern slavery risks rather than just to score that exposure.

Fair Supply’s technology-driven solutions and especially Kimberly Randle’s expertise in navigating complex regulatory landscapes appealed to us, and we believed that partnering with Fair Supply could significantly help us tackle this intricate challenge.


Working with Fair Supply has been a highly positive experience. Their services have provided us with an efficient approach to address our social compliance needs in accordance with the Australian Modern Slavery Act. Most of all we appreciated their flexibility that allowed us to easily align their services with our specific requirements.  

During the integration phase of the dashboard, Fair Supply provided great support as their team worked closely with our production team to understand our workflows, challenges, and aims, ensuring that the transition was as smooth as possible. 

Their guidance greatly helped us in making informed decisions that align with our values of treating people with care, respect, and dignity. Fair Supply’s dedicated efforts to ensure a timely and compliant report submission played a crucial role in the success of our partnership.

Sourcing sustainable materials to use in production


Identifying potential compliance risks and generating corrective action plans has become quicker and more efficient following Fair Supply’s reporting methods. This has provided us with comprehensive insights to track our exposure to potential modern slavery risks within our supplier network.

Thanks to the automated assessment tool the time required to identify potential risks in our supplier base decreased by 90%, freeing up valuable resources for more strategic tasks. Furthermore, we could improve our data accuracy by using Fair Supply’s services, which helped us with filing reliable Modern Slavery Statements. 

“The clear expectations set through Fair Supply have significantly improved our communication with our partner supplier agency. We know exactly what's required, and this has led to smoother collaboration and a stronger partnership." Philippa Coulton, Production Manager

The partnership was more than just a solution; it was an opportunity to create a positive impact on our business, society, and the environment by promoting responsible sourcing and ethical business conduct. Through this collaboration, we aimed to strengthen relationships with our partners, build trust with our customers and contribute to a more sustainable global supply chain.

"Our partnership with Fair Supply has been transformative. Their service has given us a new level of visibility into our supply chain, enabling us to uphold our commitment to ethical sourcing. This isn't just about compliance; it's about our values and the trust we build with our stakeholders."
Annett Borg
Sustainability Officer
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