Introducing Fair Supply_Live: Managing ESG risk got easier

Today, Australian cloud-based ESG risk management and compliance solution, Fair Supply, set a new high-bar for ease of ESG risk management with the release of a significant product upgrade.

The upgrade - Fair Supply_Live - builds upon the proven success of Fair Supply’s proprietary supply chain analytics technology, placing user experience at the centre of the platform. 

“This upgrade is the result of deep listening to sustainability and procurement professionals and sustainable investors. Accountability around ESG risks is rapidly evolving. As regulations evolve, so too has our online platform,” said Kimberly Randle, Fair Supply Co-founder and CEO. “I am incredibly proud of the Fair Supply team and their extraordinary expertise and diligence.”

The upgrade makes managing complex ESG risk around supply chains and portfolios simpler through smarter, real-time analysis and a clearer, more intuitive experience. 

Key new benefits include:

01. Live assessment

Instantly answer questions on supply chain risk across your company

• Answer stakeholder questions in minutes not weeks

• Effortlessly measure your impact & exposure over time

• Instantly generate reports to share with the business

02. Instant risk profiling

Quickly identify where your greatest risks and opportunities for impact lie

• Understand your supplier & portfolio risk at a glance

• Immediately identify high-risk segments for action

• Identify the actual risks to the business in the supply chain

03. Risk mitigation reporting

Measure, track and report over time on individual supplier risks

• Monitor & track individual companies over time

• Deeply understand emerging risk & performance issues in context of the company’s entire history

• Take action to mitigate high risks & report progress

This upgrade is now available to all customers. Not a customer yet?
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