Fair Supply TMRRW Awards AU/NZ Winner 2023!

Fair Supply wins the Research award for the TMRRW Awards AU/NZ 2023.

The TMRRW Awards celebrate “change makers leading the way to a better future.” The Awards recognise the local businesses, organisations, and projects making a positive environmental and social impact.

Tina Elias, Co-Founder, Upparel, an Award judge remarked:

“This platform is the right step forward for all organisations in the manufacturing and buying sector. This level of transparency from the beginning of procurement would save company's a lot of time and money. I'd love to see how it works and how user friendly it is.”

A fellow judge, Paul Barnett, Co-founder, The Growth Drivers, said:

“The opacity of supply chains has for too long shielded deep and transformational action on social and environmental issues that are the cornerstone of the "conscious consumer” market which is emerging as a major force in transitioning our economies.

You have chosen a very difficult problem to solve with technical and adoption issues, but this is exactly what needs to be done. This is focused on a problem at scale and in a way that brings real end user value through to those that want to adopt what they are doing. Keep up the great work.”

This award was a great affirmation of purpose and product on a day when the team released Fair Supply_Live: a significant upgrade that makes managing complex ESG risk around supply chains and portfolios simpler through smarter, real-time analysis and a clearer, more intuitive experience.

Congratulations to the Fair Supply team and congratulations to the other category winners!

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